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Stephanie Cutter



Being "good" at this profession isn't exclusive to high sales numbers – Stephanie takes pride in serving her clients in a way that educates and empowers them. What she loves about the real estate industry is that it presents her with ongoing challenges and growth opportunities. She finds it exciting to constantly evolve the structure her business so that she can improve her skills and services in a way that benefit her clients and makes them eager to refer her. Stephanie has developed an amazing team and network of professionals to help ensure a smooth transaction. Additionally, her years of experience are extremely valuable when the occasional transaction presents a few obstacles to overcome.


Stephanie strives to be a resource to her clients long after the transaction closes. She has helped clients pick paint colors, compare contractor quotes, discuss insurance claim concerns, and given input on which home improvements to make next. One of her favorite examples of helping clients after the sale was when she researched property taxes, and found over $48,000 of Home Owners Exemptions that her clients qualified for but did not receive. She was able to supply them with the information they needed to get this money refunded to them. It has become an ongoing and incredibly rewarding project for the Stephanie Cutter Group.


Her strengths include an analytical and strategic approach to both the listing and buying process as well as an ability to educate her clients about the current market to enable them to make the best decisions. For example, she has experience and proven success in determining the best listing price for a property, advising on the value of a home and the most advantageous offer terms for a buyer, and to help a property owner choose if they should rent or sell.


Stephanie’s dedication to her clients’ needs and to consistently developing her business practices has resulted in recognition as one of Chicago’s and Coldwell Banker’s top Realtors for the last decade. She is ranked within the top 1% of all Coldwell Banker agents in the region and looks forward to staying at the top by consistently serving her clients with excellence!







Stephanie has been a Realtor with Coldwell Banker since 2001, working full time in Chicago’s residential real estate market.


About 95% of Stephanie’s business each year is from repeat clients and their referrals. Her clients       understand that they’re not just another transaction - they really fuel her business. By serving their needs and exceeding their expectations, Stephanie’s clients gain confidence in her abilities. It is extremely important to Stephanie to listen her clients’ goals and concerns and to help them achieve their real estate objectives within the timeline and budget that they have set. By consistently doing this, Stephanie’s clients become her advocates and they want to tell their friends, family, co-workers and neighbors about her. It’s a win-win!


Stephanie has been in the business of helping people buy and sell homes for 15 years, but has been a business owner since the 3rd grade.  Past business endeavors include the classic lemonade stand, selling tickets to a neighborhood magic show, door to door sales of hand painted magnets, and at the age of 13 she and a friend ran a home cleaning business!  When Stephanie was in middle school, her mom began her real estate career, giving Stephanie the opportunity to witness her mother become very successful and be a great parent at the same time.  Her dad went to college in his 30's, showing Stephanie that self-improvement is always possible. Their examples gave Stephanie the courage and confidence she needed to enter the real estate business when she was 21.

As Seen on HGTV's House Hunters! 
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