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Albany Park                  

Chicago River to Elston/Pulaski (4000 W.)

4000 N. to Bryn Mawr (5600 N.)


Astor Street                  

50 E. Division (1200 N.) to North (1600 N.)



Ravenswood (1800 N.) to Western (2400 W.)

Foster (5200 N.) to Bryn Mawr (5600 N.)


Kennedy Expressway to Western (2400 W.)

North (1600 N.) to Fullerton (2400 N.)


Buena Park                   

Marine Dr. to Sheridan Rd

Irving Park (4000 N.) to Montrose (4400 N.)

Cabrini Green               

Orleans (340 W.) to Halsted (800 W.)

Chicago (800 N.) to Division (1200 N.)

Also Division to North, West of Clybourn

Cityfront Center            

Lake Michigan to Michigan Ave.

Chicago River to Grand Ave.


Clybourn Corridor        

Clybourn to Chicago River

North (1600 N.) to Wrightwood (2600 N.)


Armitage (2000N.) to Fullerton (2400 N.)

See Ranch Triangle

Halsted (800 W.) to Racine (1200 W.)


East Rogers Park          

Lake Michigan to Ridge (2200 - 1800 W.)

Devon (6400 N.) to Howard (7600 N.)


Edgewater Glen            

Elmdale (6000 N.) Granville (6200 N.)

Broadway to Clark


The Gap                        

31st to 33rd King Dr. to Michigan Ave. (100 E.)


Goose Island                 

Chicago River

Chicago (800 N.) to North (1600 N.)


Irving Park                    

Addison (3600 N.) to Irving Park (4000 N.)

Chicago River to Elston Ave.


Lake View Central         

Ashland (1600 W.) to Damen (2000 W.)

Diversey (2800 N.) to Addison (3600 N.)


Foster (5200 N.) to Bryn Mawr (5600 N.)

Lakewood (1300 W.) to Wayne (1332 W.)


Lincoln Square              

Ashland (1600 W.) to Kedzie (3200 W.)

Irving Park (4000 N.) to Foster (5200 N.)

Western (2400 W.) Bryn Mawr (5600 N.) at Kedzie 


Diversey (2800 N.) to Addison (3600 N.)

Lake Michigan to Broadway

North Center                 

Ravenswood (1800 W.) to Chicago River

Addison (3600 N.) to Montrose (4400 N.)


Old Town Triangle         

Wells and Lincoln Ave.

North (1600 N.) to Armitage (2000 N.)


Park West                     

Lake Michigan to Halsted (800 W.)

Fullerton (2400 N.) to Diversey (2800 N.)



Cermak (2200 S.) to 16th (1600 S.)

Canal (500 W.) to Damen (2000 W.)


Ranch Triangle             

North (1600 N.) to Armitage (2000 W.)

Halsted (800 W.) to Clybourn and Racine (1200 W.)


Ravenswood Manor      

Montrose (4400 N.) to Lawrence (4800 N.)

Chicago River to Sacramento (3000 W.)

River West                    

Grand (500 N.) to Division (1200 N.)

Chicago River to Kennedy Expressway

Roscoe Village              

Belmont (3200 N.) to Addison (3600 N.)

Damen (2000 W.) to Western (2400 W.)


Saint Ben’s                   

Addison (3600 N.) to Irving Park (4000 N.)

Damen (2000 W.) to Western (2400 W.)

Sheridan Park               

Montrose (4400 N.) to Lawrence (4800 N.)

Broadway to Clark



Lake Michigan to Michigan Ave.

Grand (500 N.) to Oak (1000 N.)


Ukrainian Village           

Grand (500 W.) to Augusta (1000 N.)

Damen (2000 W.) to Western (2400 W.)


Lake Michigan to Ashland (1600 W.)

Irving Park (4000 N.) to Foster (5600 N.)

See also Buena Park, Clarendon Park, Sheridan Park


West Graceland            

Clark to Ashland (1600 W.)

Irving Park (4000 N.) to Montrose (4800 N.)


West Loop                   

Eisenhower Expressway to Fulton Market                

Lake Kennedy Expressway to Ashland (1600 W.)


West Town                          

Eisenhower Expressway to Chicago (800 N.)

Halsted (800 W.) to California (2800 W.)



Fullerton (2400 N.) to Diversey (2800 N.)

Halsted (800 W.) to Racine (1200 W.)


Clark to Ravenswood (1800 W.)

Foster (5200 N.) to Bryn Mawr (5600 N.)


Belmont Harbor            

Lake Michigan to Broadway

Diversey (2800 N.) to Addison (3600 N.)



Dan Ryan Expressway to Ashland (1600 W.)

Pershing (3900 S.) to Archer and 26th (2600 S.)


Budlong Woods            

Western (2400 N.) to Chicago River

Foster (5200 N.) to Bryn Mawr (5600 N.)

Burnham Park               

Reference South Loop



Wentworth (200 W.) to Stewart (400 W.)

Stevenson Expressway to Archer at Cermak (2200 S.)


Clarendon Park             

Montrose (4400 N.) to Lawrence (4800 N.)

Lake Michigan to Sheridan (800 W.)

Dearborn Park               

Roosevelt Rd. (1200 S.) to Polk (800 S.)

State (0 E/W) to Clark (100 W.)


East Loop                      

Grant Park to Chicago River

Also “New East Loop”  

Lake Michigan to Michigan Ave.


East Village                   

Ashland (1600 W.) to Damen (2000 W.)

Grand (500 N.) to Augusta (1000 N.)



Lake Michigan to Ravenswood (1800 W.)

Foster (5200 N.) to Devon (6400 N.)


Gold Coast                    

Lake Michigan to Clark

Oak (1000 N.) to North (1600 N.)

Humboldt Park              

Chicago (800 N.) to Armitage (2000 N.)

Western (2400 W.) to Pulaski (4000 W.)

Lake View                     

Diversey (2800 N.) to Addison (3600 N.)

Lake Michigan to Chicago River


Lake View East             

Diversey (2800 N.) to Addison (3600 N.)

Lake Michigan to Broadway


Lincoln Park                  

North (1600 N.) to Diversey (2800 N.)

Lake Michigan to Clybourn

See Old Town Triangle, Mid North, Park West, Sheffield 



the “L” track loop, Wabash to Wells, Jackson to Lake

Noble Square                

Kennedy Expressway to Ashland (1600 W.)

Augusta (1000 N.) to North (1600 N.)


Old Irving Park              

See Irving Park


Old Town                             

Division (1200 N.) to North (1600 N.)

Clark (100 W.) to Clybourn and Larrabee (600 W.)


Peterson Park               

Chicago River, Lincoln Ave.

Bryn Mawr (5600 N.) to Peterson (6000 N.)

Printers Row                 

Polk (800 S.) to Congress (500 S.)

State (0 E/W) to Clark (100 W.)



Clark to Kedzie (3200 W.)

Montrose (4800 N.) to Foster (5200 N.)


River North                   

State St. (0 E/W) to Chicago River

Chicago River to Chicago (800 N.)

Rogers Park                  

See E. Rogers Park, West Rogers Park



Lincoln Ave. to Western (2400 W.)

Rosehill Cemetery

Bryn Mawr (5600 N.) and Peterson (6000 N.)



Halsted (800 W.) to Magnolia (1232 W.)

Armitage (2000 N.) to Fullerton (2400 N.)


South Loop

Roosevelt Rd. (1200 S.) to Burnham Park               

Jackson Michigan Ave. to Chicago River



Damen (2000 W.) to Taylor (1000 S.) and Ogden


University Village          

Roosevelt (1200 S.) to Harrison (600 S.)

Halsted (800 W.) to Ashland (1600 W.)


West DePaul                 

Fullerton (2400 N.) to Diversey (2800 N.)

Racine (1200 W.) to Ashland (1600 W.)


West Lakeview              

Damen (2000 W.) to Chicago River

Diversey (2800 N.) to Addison (3600 N.)


West Rogers Park         

Kedzie (3200 W.) and Ridge (2200-1800 W.) to

Devon (6400 N.) and Howard (7600 N.)


Wicker Park                  

Ashland (1600 W.) to Western (2400 W.)

Division (1200 N.) to North (1600 N.)



Halsted (800 W.) to Clark

Addison (3600 N.) to Irving Park (4000 N.)

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