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Home Safety Tips:
General Home Safety

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We’ve put together a list of tips and resources to help keep 
yourself, your home, and your family safe.

General Home Safety Tips:

Keep emergency numbers on every phone and printed in several areas throughout your home. 
Include fire, police, your doctor(s), ambulance service and
the poison control hotline (1-800-222-1222).

Have multiple First-Aid kits kept stocked around your home in conspicuous areas.

Cover all unused electrical sockets; keep electrical cords, including cell phone chargers, out of children’s reach.

Install nightlights in the bedroom, hall and bathroom. Be sure the tops and bottoms of stairs are well lit.

Full Home Safety Checklist

Stairway Safety:

Stabilize & Secure Handrails, Flooring, and Safety Gates.

Eliminate clutter. Keep stairways and walkways clear of tripping hazards.

Install safety gates at the tops and bottoms of stairways in homes with pets and children.

Place guards on banisters and railings if your child can fit through the rails.

Install nonslip treads on bare wood steps.


Download a Stairway Safety Printable PDF Here

Emergency Preparedness:

Assign roles within the family and choose safe gathering places.

Consider purchasing a generator and have fuel sources ready.

Stock up on bottled water and non-perishable food items and keep in cool/dry places.

Collect/Protect important document in fire/water-proof and crush-proof containers.


Visit for a full checklist to make your own Emergency Supply Kits

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