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Home Safety Tips:
Pet Safety

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We’ve put together a list of tips and resources to help keep 
yourself, your home, and your family safe.

Home Safety for Pet Owners:

 Never leave your pet in the car with the windows up during warm weather seasons.

Be careful of hot surfaces when walking pets so their paws do not burn.

Call your vet right away if your pet ingests something toxic: If your vet is not available or you would rather reach a poison specialist right away, you should call the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center at (888) 426-4435.

Common household hazards for pets: insecticides, batteries, fertilizers and plant food, prescriptions and over the counter medicines, household cleaners, detergents, rat poison, exposed electrical cords, razors and sharp utensils, mothballs and tobacco. 

Pets can get dehydrated quickly, so give them plenty of fresh, clean water when it’s hot or humid outdoors. Make sure your pets have a shady place to get out of the sun, be careful not to over-exercise them, and keep them indoors when it’s extremely hot.

Identify your closest 24/7 emergency veterinary clinic before an emergency occurs.
Write down or store in your phone the number for your veterinarian or pet hospital clinic.

View a Full List of Home Pet Safety Guidelines

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