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Winter Snow Fun!

Keep Your Clients' Spirits High During Long Winters!

Host a Snowman Decorating Contest

  • Stop by some (or all!) of your favorite clients' homes with a few supplies to be ready for the first big snow including some charcoal, buttons, mini scarves, and costume hats to decorate a snow person that can hopefully last through the winter!

  • Ask your clients for photos of their best snow people, snow forts, snow sculptures and hand out some fun awards for the biggest crowd pleasers!

Winter-Themed Basket Giveaways

  • Gather up some supplies and put in a basket for a fun free giveaway drawing for your clients via email, social media, or on your website.

  • Prize Ideas could be as simple as some hot cocoa fixings (cocoa, candy canes, marshmallows and mugs) or purchase a pre-made basket from another vendor!

  • Other prizes could be a "Snow Fun" Toy Basket with sleds, snowball makers, hand warmers, and snow fort supplies.

  • Get your clients prepared to host a New Year's Eve party with party hats, noise makers, and family friendly poppers and confetti.

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